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sss salary loan

Use your SSS Loan before it’s too late

If I remember it right it’s an issue of SSS loan ghost application where there was a previous case of alleged corruption and malversation of funds using the Social Security System. According to this not so very old case, an appointee used large amounts of SSS member money for financing an election campaign and even […]


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SSS Loan Renewal

A frequently asked question about SSS salary loan may also be – When can a member renew his/her salary loan with the SSS? Basically, any form of loan from the SSS may only be renewed if you have paid in full, the loan amount including all forms of interest and surcharges. Mind you however that […]

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SSS Salary Loan

The SSS salary loan is part of the member loan which is divided into 3 types inside. The first is the salary loan, the second is the calamity loan and the third is the emergency loan. The SSS salary loan is basically divided into 2 more parts which is stated below.

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