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About Us

SSS Philippines Online Inquiry is all about online freedom of expression. This is where I provide information about the Social Security Service in the Philippines using online resources and research. This website is also not in any way related to the official website of the government of the Philippines – SSS. We are also not related or attached to anybody in the SSS or its employees and officers

SSS Philippines Online is also a page for all SSS members and their family members if they want or need to say or comment on anything about the service and overall Social Security Systems agency as a government institution that serves the people. Although this webpage is open for your suggestions, comments and concerns about the SSS, I want to implement strict rules and will not allow any defamatory words here based on my own standards.

This page is also a place where members and anyone can share tips and ideas to help make our SSS experience easier. Leave your comments and concerns in any of our posts but please make them relevant to the topic of discussion. I reserve the right to edit any comment as necessary to avoid misconception, misunderstanding and creating a conflict.

All comments will undergo strict moderation before they can appear here so if you are here to spam or create any unnecessary situation, don’t try. Your comment will be deleted. Contribute to help make this website clean and free of hatred but instead, let us all help one another in making the SSS service as effective as it can be.