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How To Process Death Claim Application

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Bago po ang lahat ay subukan muna nating unawain kung ano po ba ang SSS Death Claim. Matatagpuan nyo po sa link in this article kung saan ninyo maaaring mai download ang official death claim application form. Mangyari lamang po na siguraduhin na tama ang lahat ng inyong ididisclose na member information at wala pong bura or corrections sa mga blocks or fields of information. Ito po ay dahil maaari itong mag cause ng further delay sa inyong death benefit claim para sa mahal sa buhay.

What is Death Claim?

So ano nga ba ang SSS Death Claim? – Ito po ay isang member benefit na maaaring i-avail ng sino mang beneficiary or immediate family member ng isang SSS member na pumanaw o namayapa na. Ang process po ng pag claim nito ay aming ilalagay sa ibaba kasama ng mga documentary requirements upang maging mas madali ang pagkuha ng inyong claim.

Please do note that information found on this post is subject to change without prior notice. Ang post na ito rin po ay accurate lamang sa kasalukuyang time frame ngayon at maaaring ang accuracy or exactness ng impormasyon na mababasa ninyo dito ay hindi na on time or akma sa kasalukuyan na inyo po itong mabasa.

Mangyaring bumisita sa official website ng SSS sa for more updates

Sample Application Form Screenshot

You can get a copy and download the form here –

Sample Screenshot of SSS Death / Burial Benefit Claim

Who May Qualify to Claim Death Benefit in SSS?

Kagaya po ng nabanggit na information sa itaas, ang death benefit claim ay maaari lamang ma avail kapag officially and legally confirmed na namayapa na ang isang registered and qualified member of the Social Security System. Ang question ay who may qualify to claim the death benefit or burial benefit of a SS member who passed away? Simple – only beneficiaries who may either be an immediate family member or as stated in a last will as authorized claimant of the death benefit may claim the money or cash proceeds for burial and other death benefit equivalent cash fund.

What Are the Application Requirements for Death Benefit Claim?

Application Requirements:

  1. Claim for Funeral Benefit (SSS Form BPN-103)
  2. Filer’s Affidavit (Sinumpaang Sanaysay)
  3. Death certificate duly certified by the Local Civil Registrar.
  4. Official Receipt of payment issued by the funeral parlor.
  5. Affidavit of funeral expenses.
  6. Photo of filer and valid IDs.

How to File for Burial Claim Online?

Ang isang SSS member claimant na nagbayad in advance ng expenses of the deceased member, permanent total disability pensioner, or retirement pensioner ay maaaring mag file for the claim online. Bisitahin lamang sa official SSS website ang inyong dashboard for the My. SSS Service Portal. Pagkatapos mag log in sa iyong member account, makikita ninyo ang option kung saan pwede mag click sa – “Submit Funeral Claim Application” option under the E-Services tab.

Up to How Much Amount Can You Claim for Burial Benefit or Death Benefit?

As per official SSS website, it states further that the Funeral Benefit is a variable amount when we speak of how much claim one can get. It usually ranges from a minimum of P20,000.00 to maximum of P40,000.00. Take note that this depends on the deceased member’s number of paid contributions and average monthly salary credit. For exact figures, please apply for the claim to get a computation or you may approach a citizen service agent in any branch to ask how to compute for the said death benefit of the Social Security System.

What is the Application Procedure for Burial Benefit Claim Local and Abroad?

  1. Application Requirements
  • Death Claim Application (SSS Form DDR-1);
  • Affidavit of Death Benefit, if claimant is secondary beneficiary (SSS Form CLD-1.3A)
  • Filer’s Affidavit (Sinumpaang Salaysay) (sworn statement)
  • Other Affidavit, whichever is applicable
    • Joint Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons, if claimant is legal heir or designated beneficiary (SSS Form CLD-1.3)
    • Application for Appointment as Representative Payee, if claimant is guardian (SSS Form CLD-15)
  • Report of Death (SSS Form BPN-105), if death is work-related
  • Claimant’s photo, signature form and valid IDs
  • If claimant is spouse of the deceased, marriage certificate and birth certificates of minor children (duly certified by LCR/NSO)
  • If single, the deceased member’s birth certificate and marriage certificate of parents (duly certified by LCR/NSO)
  • Certified true copy of deceased member’s death certificate
    • certified/issued by LCR/NSO, if member died in the Philippines
    • issued by vital statistics/census office or equivalent agency and certified by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate, if member died abroad
  • For pension – Single savings account passbook or ATM card with validated deposit slip or Cash Card Enrollment Form (photocopy and presentation of original for validation)

Note: Other documents may be required as they may be found necessary during the processing of the claim

  1. Filing Procedure

Applications for death benefit are filed at any SSS branch or representative office. You can also watch our How-To video for a more detailed instruction.

List of Allowed IDs for Death Benefit Claim in SSS

death benefit claim allowed IDs
Allowed IDs for Death Benefit Claims

In a news report from Manila Times news online, I was also able to archive and read the latest announcement this year July 2020. The news states that the claim for funeral benefit or death claim in SSS has been made more convenient via online application in response to the Covid-19 pandemic health protocols by the government.

Also, the claim is now rendered cashless for convenience of the beneficiaries for the death / funeral claim. You can find and read the report here –

In our commitment to provide valuable information to all our readers and SSS members anywhere in the country or abroad, we at SSS Philippines Online will do our best to deliver useful information.

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