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When Do Members Become Eligible for Social Security Benefits?

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Facts About SSS Membership Eligibility, Benefits, Retirement, Contribution and Coverage

Many SSS members misquote the fact that benefits of the SSS is directly in accord to having a SS number. In fact, in order for any member of the Social Security System to become eligible to qualify to enjoy or avail of any benefit, he has to be employed first in an occupation. This is apart from securing, applying or getting a permanent SS number. The employer must also be subject to and have to report the employee / member application for his SSS coverage. In short, applying and securing a SSS number will not qualify any member to eligibility of enjoying all or any of the member benefits listed by this government agency in the Philippines.

sss coverage

We Value Your SSS Coverage

On the contrary, once an employed member has a number and get covered via an employment as requested by his or her employee, he or she also becomes a benefit covered member for life. There are certain qualifications though as required by the Social Security System for members in order to avail or qualify to apply availment of specific Social Security benefits.

The contributions that a member remits become savings in the future. This contribution will be counted based on months of years as a basis in order for any member to qualify for the grant of SSS benefits in times of emergency or any contingency. Another fact to realize for all active and non active contributing members is that all contributions paid cannot be refunded at any given time during or prior to retirement or reaching retirement age as stated in the Philippine Laws governing social security. Also, your membership cannot be withdrawn at any given time and circumstance except in an event of death or demise of the said member.

What Number of Contributions Are Required to Avail Benefits?

sss loan
SSS Member Loan

Loan – How many monthly or yearly contributions a member needs to pay in order to qualify to apply for a loan?

In order to avail of any form of SSS loan, all currently employed, currently contributing self-employed or voluntary member needs at least thirty six (36) posted monthly contributions (or 3 years). Please remember that six (6) of these contributions should be within the last twelve (12) months prior to the month of filing of application. The said loan to avail above qualifies any active-paying member for a one-month loan.

SSS Maternity Benefit
SSS Maternity Benefit (Full photo credits to website)

Maternity Benefit – How many monthly or yearly contributions does a member need to in order to qualify to avail the maternity benefit of the SSS? The maternity benefit is offered only to female SSS members. A member is qualified to avail of this benefit if: She has paid at least three monthly contributions within the 12-month period immediately preceding the semester of her childbirth or miscarriage. For questions on other benefits, please visit the official SSS website or you can also see a pdf file for paterntity benefits here –

How many pregnancies are covered by the SSS as part of the maternity benefit of a paying, active and qualified female member? –

“The female member shall be paid only one maternity benefit, regardless of the number of offspring, per childbirth/delivery. b. Failure of the employer to transmit to SSS the female worker’s notification on the fact of pregnancy and probable date of childbirth.”

sss retirement benefit
Avail SSS Retirement Benefit

Retirement Benefit – Below is the data pertaining to members who would like or is qualified to avail of the retirement benefit of the SSS.

There are actually two types of retirement benefit: 1st) via monthly pension – a lifetime cash benefit paid to a retiree who has paid at least 120 monthly contributions to the SSS prior to the semester of retirement. 2nd) via lumpsum amount – this retirement benefit is granted to a retiree who has not paid the required 120 monthly contributions.

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