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SSS Toledo City Branch

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We have the listing below of the location address and contact details of SSS Toledo City branch. For other SSS branch of your interest, we have more details or a map of the SSS main office is available in our Social Security System (SSS) category in the sidebar. Online inquiry and other concerns is available there 24/7, see details below for possible information search.

SSS Branches - SSS Toledo City Branch

SSS Branches - Social Security System Philippines

SSS Toledo City Branch Contact Details

Location Address: Penalosa St., Luray I, Toledo City
Tel.Numbers: Telefax No. (032) 322-5294
Officer in Charge: Officer-in-Charge: Eric A. Coronado
Email Address:

We have listed the different services that you can expect from SSS online inquiry: member contribution or static information, downloadable forms, SSS loan, SSS ID application, SSS pension, branches with ID capture machine, benefits claim such as temporary paralysis benefit, death benefits, sickness benefits, branches with ID capture machine, downloadable forms and other related concerns. Visit the head office in Quezon City to inquire or go to the official SSS website at


60 Responses to “SSS Toledo City Branch”

  • edna j. gestole says:

    can i ask for my sss number since i’ve lost my copy. I’m edna fulla jasareno

    • Navarro roland d. says:

      Gd morning maam/ sir
      Manguta tana lng ko!ky ng load ko calamity load last year naay walaa bayari sa ako mrs. Ky naka larga nako balik ,pwde ba bayaran nko ang ako behind ug sa asa man ug naa bato tubo? Tnx maam/ sir

  • jucril says:

    is SSS Toledo City branch can also process for SSS card? or it should be to the main SSS building?? Thanks!

  • ronilyn superales says:

    can i ask my sss number,nawala q kc copy q.tnx poh…im ronilyn superales

  • matildo says:

    good morning! sa Municipality of Alegria ni..Ask lng ta ko why wla pa ma post amo contribution for August 2015…pls reply..

  • Virgie V.Narvasa says:

    Good morning mam,mag inquire lang ko sa ako maternity leave ug nasulod naba sa account?napasa nako pag September 7,2016.thank you

  • Virgie V.Narvasa says:

    Good morning mam,mag inquire lang ko sa ako maternity leave ug na sittle na vah?napasa nako atong September 7,2016.thank you

  • ivony tellidua says:

    good evening sir/maam, naa lang ta koy i-clarify sa pension sa akoang mama. Duha mani iya pension nga nareceive karun, ang isa surviving spouse pension worth 4836.67 per month nya karun rasad ning june 2017 nag start, karun lang jung buwana. Second pension nya is sa iyang retirement pension worth 1300 sa wala pa mag increase mo og 1k sa inyong pensioner.. so iya retirement pension is 2300 na unta katong nag increase namo.. akoang concern ba kay dapat 7100+ unta ang total pension nga mareceive sa akoang mama but pag check nako last june 3 sa iyang atm card ang sulod ras iyang atm card kay 5834.24 ra so naay discrepancy nga 1200+…naglibog lang ko ba nganong naing-ani kay sa previous months sakto man iya na receive inckuding sa inyong increase nga 1k….pls. i need an answer to clarify my doubts on this matter.. thank u so much

  • Matthew Galvin Cano-og says:

    Hello good day pwede mangutana ko Kung pila na katuig nga na remetance na Ang akong sss ,pwede paki send SA akong email address ang print out…salamat .

  • Hector P Cerna says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Hi and good day. I got a question. I used to work at Atlas Fertilizer Corporation, in Sangi, Toledo City, for almost 10 years as an electrical supervisor. I quit my job there because my wife petitioned me to immigrate in USA. I’m living now in Joliet, IL.

    I know I have not earned yet the credit to be qualified as a pensioner because I had been contributing with SSS for more than 9 years only. My question is: How much would be my total contributions to be qualified as a pensioner. I will be 60 years old in July next year.

    Also, I have a loan which I have not repaid it yet. I would appreciate if I could get an amnesty on my loan.

    Lastly, Can I ask my SSS number? I lost my copy.

    Thank you very much.

    Respectfully yours,

    Hector P Cerna
    Local address: Pinamungajan, Cebu

  • diomedes q. nocos says:

    I need information regarding checklist on how to register a nonworking housewife and those in the informal sector with no sss number yet like habal2 driver, manicurista, avon dealer. as self-employed.


  • Joemarie L.Gako says:

    How to avail loan condonation program? Is that possible my wife or my daughter can process coz presently im working in Saudi Arabia.


    How can I avail my SSS ID?

  • Marquin monloy manguilig says:

    it’s this true?

  • Marquin monloy manguilig says:

    it’s this true?
    I really need E cash for my family.

  • Guillerma Ortega says:

    Maam paano nako ma verify akong Acop maam??

  • Guillerma Ortega says:

    Na send na daw sa Landbank aqng Acop form sa SSS toledo maam.

  • Guillerma Ortega says:

    My sss # 09-2674-6105

  • tisoy,josph magale says:

    maam/sir,goodpm…. i just asking regarding of my sss registration,dli ko ka register sa ako sss kay akoa name and or date of birth dli mag match,mao na reply sa akoa sa onlined,my sss #0619867935….pls ko tan aw maam nanawag ko ni maam edna wala cya naka duty,pls. ko tan aw maam sa ako record…ako complete name,joseph magale tisoy,date of birth 12/25/1982….thanks maam and god bless….

  • tisoy,josph magale says:

    good pm maam/sir…..pls check my sss record,kay dli ko ka solod maam f magpa register ko,ang reply sa sss kay name and or date of birth does not matchcge nman ko loan maam karon dli manko ka solod sa register,mao ni ako completename joseph magale tisoy sss id#0619867935,thanks maam and god bless….,

  • Analiza M. Isidro says:

    mangayu unta ko og reciept sa akong username id og password pra sa akong calamity loan

  • Jimmy Paspie necesario says:

    Unsuccessful ako online application sa sss calamity loan.

  • Jimmy Paspie necesario says:

    Unsa diay problem sa ako sss no.unsuccessfull lag
    I ako online application sa calamity loan

  • Roel B.Cerilla says:

    Gd pm Sir/Madaam,
    I would like to have an access to my email accnt
    W/c I am using now is my calamity loan
    My sss number is 0613622590 and my ID number is
    I can’ t open my previous accnt and I forgot my phone number 09276137898
    Tnank you very much.

  • Regasajo giovanne says:

    Morning ma’am ask lng ko dli mn ma online ako sss mothers name ang problema c Regasajo giovanne ni pl
    ease reply my question thanks god bless

  • cristina acojedo says:

    maam/sir pa reset unta ko sa ako password sa sss aplication,ky di ko ka print out sa ako matirnity,by d way maam.wa gyd ko nkabuhat og pass word ani,ky ang hr ra nmo ang nagbuhat sa ako application bali wala nko na verify maam with in days,ni mesages ang sss ako email,create dw new,kaso di nko nkabuhat maam ky ako CRN/SS nmber na registerd na dw,pls unsa ako buhaton ani maam..

  • Paquito Recla jr says:

    Ma’am aku. A concern Ani aku SSS maam Kay nag pa online calamity loan me Niya mo gawas sa amu. A ma’am Kay not matching.. nganu not matching man ma’am nga naka loan Naman me salary.. dli me ka sod sa online Kay dli mag match. Daghan salamat


    reqeust for password reset


    request for password reset

  • Javiero C Sabuero says:

    sir / ma’am mag ngutana lng ko kong onsa akoa user name og password ana mn gd amoa company na sa enyu mangau .

    thank you.

  • Janah says:

    I would like to update my contact number.(09275331314)new no.
    I would like to apply loan..what are the reguirements…

  • Cesar says:

    Request for referral letter for bank opening to RCBC??

  • limuel rubio flores says:

    gud morning mam ….nag online ko sa sss .nya dle ko ka sulod kay naay sayop sa akong name og date of birth..palihog ko reset mam kay for online ko….

    salamat..god bless all

  • Limuel flores says:

    Gud morning mam update ko sa akong cel# dn kay mo online ko og date of birth tnkss god bless

  • Agustin amoren says:

    Hi maam good noon ,, pwede cuh mu ask f unsaon ug ang user ID and password invalid .. kai mag loan ta cuh calamity loan pero inig open nacuh invalid man .. unsa d i angay buhaton ana maam/sir.Agustin Amoren ni.

  • Agustin amoren says:

    Hi maam/sir good noon ,, pwede cuh mu ask f unsaon ug ang user ID and password invalid .. kai mag loan ta cuh calamity loan pero inig open nacuh invalid man .. unsa d i angay buhaton ana maam/sir.Agustin Amoren ni.

  • Karen says:

    I just want to ask if the UMID cards applied from October last year are available for claiming. Thank you.

  • rose marie canonigo says:

    hi can i ask if pano po ang process pag mag file ng maternity ng sss?

  • rose marie canonigo says:

    pano po mag process ng ,maternity?

  • Stephen Perin Bucao says:

    Good day maam/sir ask lang ko about sa ako SSS kai na locked nasayop ang password…ako lang ipa reset salamat
    User ID: SSS STEPHENBUCAO07 / Password: CARPHEN12

    Email User:
    Password: CARPHEN12 cell# 09268095356 maoni old ako gi use sauna kron wala na….pwde kini e change na no.09972195160 …. Salamat god bless

  • Stephen Perin Bucao says:

    Good day maam/sir ask lang ko about sa ako SSS acoount kai na locked nasayop akoa password…ako ipa reset salamat

    Email User:
    Password: CARPHEN12 or 15 …..cell# 09268095356 maoni ako old no. use sa SSS…. Pwde kini e pule na cell# 09972195160 salamat god bless

  • bryan says:

    tana lang ko ba?
    onsaon diay pag kuhag sss online

  • Jennevive V. Radana says:

    Pwedi buh ako magprocess nang maternity benefits. Kahit Hindi na ako nakahulog Mula nong February dahil sa covid . Nagclose napong companyang pinagtrabaho an ko Kaya Hindi na hinulogan nang agency . Duedate ko po ngayong November at Hindi narin nila ako pababalikin dahil nga buntis ako Bawal magtrabaho. Anong ma Ari kong gawin pakisagot po.

  • Valentin L. Alvarez says:

    Good pm. Ma’am/ Sir

    Nag online ko, unya
    mi response nga allready registered di ko kasulod Sir/ ma’a

  • Claire Ysatam Tejana says:

    Request sana ng reset sa old account ko yung email add at saka password di ko na kasi mabuksan yun..

  • Janah says:

    Need to reconcile my accounts

  • Regasajo giovanne says:

    Bakit walang reply nahulog ako sa drop box nyo noong monday hanggang ngayon la pa din

  • Regasajo giovanne says:

    Kailan ka Ako mka loan nito bagal nman ng service nyo

  • Michael Palis says:

    How to retrieve my username and password

  • alfeche jovelyn t. says:

    good day maam/sir mag fallow up lang ta ko sa akong g file nga maternity aug 13 nag submet allrequarments.

  • Jojane Sarsa says:

    Maayung hapon maam/sir unsaon man naku pag update sa akong bag o nga number…salamat

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