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39 Responses to “SSS Forms: Loan Condonation Moratorium Forms”

  • Sheba Fermin says:

    I want to kn0w f dis is my SSS no. 3413114182 bcoz i inquire in they answer me back invalid no. And i pay my sss for 1yr.

  • Jennefer I. Monsales says:

    i just want to know if until now loan condonation is still available

  • Mark Anthony Lozano says:

    can i apply for a loan condonation? what is the requirements? my wife has also remaining loan balance, but she is already unemployed for almost 7 years.. what should we do? pls advise.. thank you

  • Jose Rodelio M. Taruc says:

    can i apply for a loan condonation? what is the requirements too? i had already loan remaining balance. what should i do? please advise me too…. Thank you!


    I HAVE SALARY LOAN LAST 2008, September 2009 nag resigned ako sa dati kong employer, my question how much pa po ang natitira kong babayaran sa salary loan ko, covered po ba ako ng condonation program nyo,pwede po bang bayaran ng bigla ang natira para makapag salary loan uli ako. thanks po

  • ARLENE V. NAPIZA says:

    I have a remaining balance in my salary loan before but failed to settle it. I want to avail of the loan condonation system of SSS. What do I have to do and what are the documents required? Hoping for your reply….Thank you.

    • SSS Philippines says:

      Kuha po kayo ng loan condonation form sa nearest SSS branch po and dun na din po itanong ang iba pang mga requirements and details. Pag nag apply po kayo ng condonation ng SSS loan may mga attached rules po, mangyaring itanong na din po sa customer service.

  • Reginald P. San Martin says:

    I want to apply a condonation, coz im worried that bcoz i cant make the every month pay to my salary loan.

  • Ma. Teresa C. Pagcanlungan says:

    Can I avail of the brochure of the SSS Condonation Program for Employer

  • stephanie bacay says:

    Please help, I wasnt able to complete my registration on your online inquiry it appears that my sss number is already used..I cant access your website…what will i do?

  • Evangeline E. Francisco says:

    The SSS records shows that I have a loan c/o the previous company, as reflected in the SSS records. The company’s records show that I did not have a record of loan availment during the period covered in the loan record. Currently, I’m in a new company in which they availed of the program and deducted the loan even without my permission or knowledge, Can you suggest anything for this matter?

  • Ma. Lenie Santos says:

    Can i avail the loan condonation system of SSS, pls help me what will i do? Is that program still existing? What are the requirements to avail this program? Hoping for your reply. Thanks


    can i apply for a loan condonation? what is the requirements? i had already loan remaining balance. what should i do? please advise me too…. Thank you!

  • Peter Paul Malaga says:

    i have a loan in the year 2005, i want to know if i can still avail the condonation program of SSS?

  • Melrose Nelo says:

    I haven’t paid yet with my first loan and I’ve been delinquent for 4 years now.How much will be the interest per annul?

  • edgar allan marcos says:

    kindly advice me.. i would like to renew my salary loan but because i have been deemed delinquent in repaying the loan, i am disqualified to do so. im planning to pay it in full, hoping this might make me qualified for a renewal of the said loan. the 2-year repayment terms have already lapsed, if only i have been diligent in paying the amortization, i would have been qualified.

    if i pay my balance in full along with its delinquency and interest charges, would i be able to renew already? if in case, how long? thank you very much!

  • chary lacida says:

    i have a loan in the year 2006, i want to know if i can still avail the condonation program of sss

  • rolando panlaqui says:

    i would like to know, my contribution and my loan?

  • Jessa May Azucenas says:

    Hi, do you have any offer for condonation program this 2012? when it will be and can I avail of the program? Please help me because my balance has been 2 to 3 years now. I thought my employer submitted our payment but they didn’t

  • maria teresa g. sabanal says:

    i had my loan last 2002… I want to settle down my payment’ can I avail the condonation program of 2012… pls give me som advice.. what are the requirements…

  • nonito salem says:

    i have a loan, sss loan and pag ibig loan,i forgot what year is that,iwant to pay the remaining balance

  • romeo calaminos says:

    i want to avail SSS loan amnesty program. last december 2011 i inquire my delinquint loan balance reached almost 22,000 pesos including penalty and enterest.what month is the deadline for that program. my SSS no. 08-0506140-6. thank you.

  • jpm says:

    I just want to inquire and give me quikc reply about this: i have a loan last 2007 i want know if i can avail the condonation progmam of sss.

  • raul y. logarta says:

    I want to know how much to pay monthly payments in your condonation program category 2 please email it me thanks raul

  • Gerald Willian Pen says:

    mag tanong lang po. kamamatay lang po ng uncle ko. 71 years old na po sya nung namatay. pano po ba makakuha ng burial benefits? at sino po ang pwede maglakad? ano ano po ba ang requirements? solo po ang uncle ko sa buhay nya.

  • elizabeth s. melmon says:

    matagal npo akong nag resign sa employer ko since 1997, pero may naiwan pa akong unpaid loan , pwede po ba ako sa condonation program.?

  • elizabeth s. bautro says:

    nagresign po ako ng 1984 sa company meron po akong naiwan na unpaid salary loan na hindi po nabayaran hanggang ngyn, pede po ba ako mag avail ng condonation program. maraming salamat!

  • adriana n. valderrama says:

    i have a delinquentaccount which my latest employer has not deducted.i had a salary loan when i was with my previous employer.that was in 2004

  • Marian P. Tiambeng says:

    I have been approved for loan condonation. What form do I use and can I download it from the internet?

  • Cynthia R. Andrada says:

    meron po bang existing condonation program ang real estate loan mortgage?

  • rodito says:

    may pending loan ako noong 2008,mula noon di ako nakabayad ng monthly amortization at di na rin ako nakapaghulog ng aking contribution.tanong lang po kung ano ang mga requirements para maka avail ng condonation program.SSS-06-1506380-1 (OFW )

  • Mr. agnote says:

    bakit po ang bagal ng proseso ng sss sorsogon branch mgrelease ng pension ng papa ko? tatlong beses na po siyang pababalik balik dun at paulit ulit po siyang pinapafill-up ng loan condonation form..dapat ng pension na siya ng april.hanggang ngayon po d pa siya narereleasan ng pension…pwd po bang actionan nyo n man po yun.

  • webelen b. bayno says:

    is still 2013 have a loan condonation program? when and where?

  • webelen b. bayno says:

    i have unpaid salary loan and i want to be settled it by availing a loan condonation. hoping for your reply… thank you.

  • arlan sigaan says:

    i want to know about my unpaid loan

  • anna liza p. flores says:

    bakit may reconstraction of loan. bakit kasama ako sa may condonation. almost 1 year na paid ko for salary loan , gusto ko sana renew pero bakit d pa pwede. tagal ko na pabalik balik. ano b talaga.

  • liza gil says:

    Wonderful! So simple. I also can share my experience in filling forms. I am sure at least once in your life you had to fill out a form. I use a simple service for forms filling. It definitely makes my life easier!

  • henry fernandez says:

    Good Day.. is there condonation program to be availed this year 2020 after covid 19. thanks in advance for the reply.

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