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SSS Pensioner Loan from private lenders

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pension loanApart from the fact that the Social Security System (SSS) is offering different types of loans to their members, there is one sector that seem neglected. They are the SSS pensioners or the seniors aged from 60 and above and are retirees or those who doesn’t have work anymore but since they have completed the 10 years minimum remittance, they are currently getting what is called as monthly pension apart from the lump sum amount they had upon reaching the age 60.

Little did these SSS pensioners know, there is a loan called the SSS pensioner loan being offered by different private lending institutions out there. All that is required is the ATM or passbook for the pensioner member. According to an agency I went in to a couple of days ago to ask regarding this matter, there are certain more requirements and I will be posting about this in my next post so be sure to subscribe to us using the subscription form below this post.

With regards to how much amount can be loanable via these private lending institutions, upon asking, it is said that the amount will depend upon the pension that the SSS pensioner is getting based from either the passbook or the ATM of the member. Now, if you are interested to avail of the SSS pensioner loan, please make sure to watch out for this topic by subscribing to us.

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24 Responses to “SSS Pensioner Loan from private lenders”

  • Bernardino C. Pareno says:

    I wish to receive update from the SSS


    status of my salary loan

  • angel s. mendoza, jr. says:

    i would like to avail of a pensioner loan thru private lenders; please send me list – thank you very much.

    • Alfredo Olavidez says:

      please send me list of institutions which provide loan services to SSS pensioners.

      Thank you very much

      alfredo olavidez

  • allan mediante says:

    inquiring on where and how can I avail of pensioner’s loan from lending institutions

  • Walter says:

    SSS should not exist, be a member of this fucking organization is just a burden to juan de la cruz ,higher official and the employee of this organization is just eating our money, why in UAE there is no kind of shit like this sss.we file a death claim application it is for our mother. its been over a year already and nothing happens, I am sure that they are not really processing our claim,because this sss is fucking greedy, they just want to take our money.i stop paying for 9 years already because i knew sss is fucking bullshit.

  • Walter says:

    its better to put your money in bank, here is the example for you to know, your paying every month your share in this fucking organization right, they say that being a member, you are entitle for kinds of fucking ‘LOANS’why loans? it is my fucking money? are you fucking sss people nuts? All higher position employees of this fucking organization has minimum 50,000 thousand salary,they get from us poor member of this fuckin organization.

  • kumusta po kaya yung sss pasion ni Rafael Enesio passed away last 2006. We are claiming for burial and submitted all the documents last september 2011. we will wait for the update. 1138422-4 and 034941574-1 and 050020973-8 are the sss number. thank you.or just leave a message on my daughter’s fb account ,. thank you

  • marco says:

    good evening
    paki search po yung account ko.
    employer po ako dati ng seguban enterprises?
    gusto ko po sanang ipagpatuloy ung sss ko….marami pong salamat?

  • joan icotanim says:

    do you already have an update of this post? kindly send a list of private lending institutions. thank you.

  • jenelyn says:

    inquiring how can i avail of annual confirmation of pensioner’s form

  • regina miranda says:

    may i know how and which private lenders are these?

  • Majelinda L. Alla says:

    Today, September 3, 2012, I checked my pensioner account with BPI and found nothing was reflected as pension there. I have been a pensioner for the last 2 years now, starting year 2010 to present and found this unusual because the pension is reflected by the bank every 1st of the month or so. I called the bank and the bank staff told me to report to the nearest SSS branch in our place for confirmation whether we are still alive or not. So, I immediately went to the SSS and was told that I was not the only one affected but many of the pensioners , too. My record showed that I already had been confirmed earlier but was still included in the list of pensioners whose pensions were withheld. The SS staff told me that it will take 2 to 3 months before we can received again our pensions. This is only at the SSS branch in Paranaque. There maybe more of that elsewhere in all branches all over the Phil. What happened SSS? Do we still have money to expect from your office???? We have worked for so many years and received a very meager pension and now we cannot receive it for so many flimsy reasons!!! I also find your policy of confirming whether we are still alive or not very ridiculous!!! If we die, we certainly have a death certificate filed in a gov’t institution and the family will file for burial benefits and whatever it is that can still be availed of by the family. How come that you have this Policy of confirmation of whether we are alive?? What if the pensioner is too old to go to your office or is bedridden??? This is the most stupid policy I have ever encountered, so far! The control measures that other unscrupulous persons are doing to get the pension of a pensioner who already died is something that can be checked real easy these days with all these modern technologies we have! THINK of better procedures than what you have right now. My last question – does the coffers of SSS have enough money for all the growing population of retirees??????

    • Lino M. Belwa says:

      i am a SSS pensioner too, i agree with you Majelinda, if i may be correct, if we have Senior Citizens representative at the Congress, then they must do something about this, purposely to amend this SSS policy…

  • Meinard M. Montifar says:

    regarding po sa pension ng husband po ng aking auntie. it is already process and approved. named ramel guillermo, how long they will wait for the pension? it’s been 4months already since the day they applied for it.

  • Ricardo Dungca says:

    I apply for a salary loan thru internet. I would like to if the check is being mail to me
    as It was already approved in main office. Thanks

  • Sarah says:

    Safe po ba ang mga private lending?what if malaman ng taga sss na sinurrender mo ung atm sa lending will they stop the pension?

  • francisco mobo jr says:

    hi sir/madam hanggang kaylan po ako mghihintay sa ssspension ko 1 year na from now ng ng avail ako maraming salamat po

  • Myrna E. Baclay says:

    My SSS pension monthly is P 800.00 only, can I avail a loan? How much?

    Thank you

  • Mario M. Sitjar says:

    what are the requirements for sss pension loan and do you have branch here in novaliches

  • Erlinda ople says:

    Hi good day may i ask what private lending co. Accept loan for pensioner thank you

  • dinah diaz says:

    neea to loan my sss pension 5900 monthly.

  • dinah diaz says:

    good gor the prnsioners

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